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Explos'tar, disintegrating drill for broken taps  


Disintegrating drill for broken taps.

Thanks to its particular geometry, this microcarbide makes it possible to:

  • Remove a broken tap from a hole ;
  • directly drill in tempered steels in case of specification alterations or any other adjustment.

Conditions of use

  • Perfectly attach the part (never drill in the air) ;
  • For broken taps with a diameter larger than 3 mm, initially point with a 2 mm diameter drill, then drill with the appropriate diameter ;
  • Never lubricate, always work dry ;
  • When the tap melts, Explos'tar will pass right through it ;
  • Pull Explos'tar out and withdraw the remaining tap fragments using a tip ;
  • Redo the tapping.

Use the same process to drill tempered steel plates.


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