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Tapping attachment
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Tapping attachment

Turn a simple drilling machine into a real and precise tapping machine.

Thanks to our tapping unit, it is possible to automatically reverse the direction of rotation and thus of untapping without having to reverse the rotation of the drill engine !

Tree possibilities : M2 to M7 - M4 to M12 - M8 to M20

Each attachment is delivered with two Rubberflex grips and the tools necessary for adjustment and tightening.

Advantages of the tapping attachment

During tapping

At the critical moment of contact between tap and pre-hole, the integrated vibration damper will avoid the risk of breaking teeth as a result of a slight difference between tap and axis of the hole. It automatically regulates existing differences between forward motion of the machine and the thread of the tap.

By adjusting the couple limitation device, the tap will not break.

At the end of tapping

The rotation direction of the tap is inversed without inversing the rotation direction of the drill engine. Thus, the drill engine will not wear out prematurely. Moreover, risk of breaking due to an abrupt inversion will be eliminated.

During untapping

The speed of the tap can be increased by a factor 1.6 to 1.7, therefore saving time on the full cycle (tapping – untapping) and electrical energy.


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