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Baguera for  aluminium and sticky metals
Baguera for cast irons, bronzes and stainless
Baguera for brass and inconels
Baguera for 900N/mm2 steels
Baguera for steels from 900 to 1200N/mm2
Baguera for titanium






Top-of-the-range threading taps Baguera -
with colored ring

Specially designed for high quality production, these are high-tech threading taps with extraordinary performance !

Why do Baguera tools work so well ?

They are specially designed for extreme long machining series. To this end, all geometry parameters have been re-examined and adapted according to the various metals. This includes Optimal coating on all Baguera tools.

Heat treatments

Properties of the specific heat treatment used for the manufacture give Baguera tools the following qualities: higher heat and wear resistance, excellent surface state and very reduced scaling risk.

The heat treatments of these tools are perfectly homogeneous because they are done in ultra modern ovens with perfectly mastered cycles.

Precision grinding of Baguera tools

Thanks to a large number of constantly renovated machines (over 150) and its international ISO 9001 certification, COURCELLE-GAVELLE can guarantee a manufacture of constant quality.

All Baguera tools are precision-grinded on recent digital CNC machines within narrow execution tolerances. The Baguera tools are entirely grinded in the mass; their super-finish confers a perfect adherence to the Optimal coatings, which is a guarantee of long-term use!

Control of the Baguera tools

Precision automatically means strict controls !

During the production process, Courcelle-Gavelle employees implement the checks that have been planned by the Technical Manager. To do so, they use very sophisticated controls that are constantly re-calibrated.

Optimal coatings

An exclusivity Courcelle-Gavelle ! At least ten different coatings are used to give the Baguera tools an exceptional life !

An innovation by Courcelle-Gavelle: Optimal coatings vary not only according to the metal to needs to be machined, but also according to the speed of the cutting path.

So, four "low speed" coatings are offered for stainless steels, Inconels and steels up to 1800N/mm2.

Thanks to Optimal coatings, Baguera tools show :

  • Largely improved friction ratios: no more sticking of shavings on the tools ;
  • Heat isolation of high-speed steel ;
  • An important increase in superficial hardness.

Baguera tools identification

Nothing is more unpleasant for a user than breaking a tool because the wrong one was selected among the stock !

To avoid this kind of problem, Courcelle-Gavelle has created special colored rings for its tools according to use :

  Baguera jaune   aluminium and sticky metals
  Baguera blanc   cast irons, bronzes and stainless
  Baguera vert   brass and inconels
  Baguera bleu   900N/mm2 steels
  Baguera rouge   steels from 900 to 1200N/mm2
  Baguera violet   steels from 1200 to 1800 N/mm2
  Baguera orange   titanium

Patented threading taps

Standard threading taps

Threading taps with colored ring

Special threading taps

Threading taps for inserts

Threading taps with internal coolant supply

Micro threading taps

Heat traitements
Precision grinding
Control fo the Baguera tools
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