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      Patented threading taps  

Threading tap Alligator
Alligator profile


Threading tap Alligator

A patented particular geometry conferring him a silhouette much more trapue. Its assets :

  • An unequalled robustness by threading taps with conventional geometry (no entrance to vibration of its combs during the tapping) ;
  • A possibility of manufacturing in a single pass with speeds increased from 2 to 3 times the usual speeds ;
  • A big ease of sharpening with a grindstone plate ;
  • A big wear resistance; a grading completes some threading.

For titanium and steel 1200-1800 N / mm2.

  Profil SL with alternated sides
Development of a threading tap 3 cuttings

Profile SL with alternated sides

The solution of the problems of stuffing !

In this threading tap, all the teeth exist, but each of her has only a single side in the profile, either the right, or left. The alternation is thus made from a tooth to the other one.


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